Thirteen, Over and out

Do you know who John Lurie is? I do too, I love his acting in The Jim Jarmusch movies and I like some of the music he makes. What I didn't know was that he also painted. I was in a five floor Gallery in Chelsea and was about to give up. The most exiting thing I had seen for two hours of gallery peeking was like, gay photographs of butts and cocks, and I've seen pictures of that before. So last peek, then I go out in the rain again and <i just go! I read the painters name, he is a talented and funny man called John Lurie. I start to think for myself if it could be Thee John Lurie. I have to ask, and yes, of course it is. Lika I said, funny, nice motifs to look at and he got skills too. Jesus that made my day really, I told the gallery women so and she was happy for my sake, thank you. We have a film at home called Fishing with John, he go fishing with his friends, Tom Waits and so on. It is hilarious !     I go home tomorrow but here are some paintings from John Lurie.


Nu några utan text( jag borde ha fotat alla texter)

...och ett regnet New york ock en art-selfie. NBA där jag höll på att köpa en boll för 1100 spänn till Lukas. Det är han väl värd men hanns pappa har inte den ekonomin, mm