Punk of the year

This is my first Kickstarter project. It's a fun thing to try to rise money for a project you have created, to complete something you heart for. Punk of the year is a arty photo book. The images are from a show at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn with Thurston Moore Band & PCPC. Punk of the year will contain a poem with Thurston Moore called Clear the room. The good thing is that I won't loose any money whatever,(which I have non). "You may feel a sting, thats Pride messing with you..." (Pulp fiction), Yeah pride...I could loose some pride, but my self-confidence is pretty good, I'll survive.

Go to www.Kickstarter and search Punk of the year. 40 kronor is the smallest reward, 750 is the most luxurious. Please back me or share people!                                                                                                                                     I couldn't link it, I'll tried but No go, but you know the drill.


Thurston Moore