Writing songs, I've been writing songs to keep me occupied from dying of boredom.  

Known as Korea then Korea campfire and now Kcampfire. Going with the eleventh commandment, Less is more. I do music with Johan Svahn and Andreas Björkenström & other victims. Lately I have been working alone with a Roland Groovebox and guitars. 

Rhythm ace is the record company, Rhythm ace is also a vintage drum machine that you can hear on a couple of song on the first EP and the second album. Rhythm ace are also good friends.  Link below. 

The first vinyl EP  on Rhythm ace, 2004 (Ma & Pa)

Singel omslag Different.jpg
korea Lodie, rarcd 011 folder_6page_FRONT.jpg

First full length cd Lodie, 2004

Below second release 2009, vinyl Lp

LP omsl.jpg

Modern age, vinyl single 2013  

Modern age framsida.jpg

You can listen here, and buy later...

Other music

It cost a lot of money to make records and release them in the old fashion way, lp, cd. Printing sleeves and maybe entering a recording studio is not pocket money. Rhythm ace have the contacts and many other biz skills, but money they have not. So what do you do? Wellyou sell or give away DIY recordings in-between. Here are cassettes, demos and cd-r sleeves in random order. 


Miscellaneous stuff!  I give you some rejected album sleeves and some T-shirt ideas

A music video made by the fantastic Kvalität crew, club and record company!!