Korea campfire story and memoria

Korea campfire memoria indeed. Here you find gig-flyers, pictures, T-shirt ideas, lost album covers and perhaps more.

The story about the band starts as a side project when the current band Bobsleigh was doing nothing and finely quits the year 2000.

First I was alone, then came Andreas and after that there has been a Mats, a Tommy, a Johannes and then a Johan. Andreas Björkensröm and Johan Svahn are still kicking.

I have had the pleasure to be joined live and in recording by marvelous musicians like Eva Lalander, Mats Grönmark, Christian Gabel and Kristoffer Sundberg.    

The KC and the sunshine art down under do not come in chronological order.  First out is 16 gig-flyers and one add for the Swedish music magazine Sonic. The add is for the first album, Lodie and the new Hellon single. 



Here are some pictures taken by kind people. The first bunch is taken by Robert Karlsson and edit a little by me. It's live at Pluto, Liljeholmen. Ken, Johan and Andreas with guest Eva Lalander.


Now we speaking memoria, hera are random stuff I found on the computer, enjoy! 

My red Danelectro, Coral, Hornet guitar, Here on My rare guitar site where I bought it.

Not many music videos has been made. Hera are two homemade DIY.  The most resent one and the best was dun by Kvalität. Look under tag Kcampfire.