Studio Cobra

I entered Cobra studieos for the second time January 4 to record again. I was aiming for a new full length album. Ten songs was recorded under two days under the surveillance of Christian Gabel and his dog Dudden, songs like Harem2, Pick me up, My time, and My horse and more. 

This will not be a vinyl issue (at least not at the moment), when money is short. This was  a lonely mans session. This time it was just me, my guitars and my Roland Groovebox. I brought my old Supro amp with me who had been decorating our living room collecting dust and scaring neighbors. The Supro and a Fender twin reverb are the two amplifiers that are being used on all the tracks. 

Johan Svahn plays drums. Invited guest in the studio was Mats Grönmark. playing harmonica and slide guitar on My time. 

I aim for a releas in fall 2013 but nothing is decided. Here are pictures from Cobra!