Four acts

Today i haven't dun much at all. I have edit yesterdays catch and I have cocked some food    (no I did not, I cooked the food, but I was alone so I have no alibi), and I have ruined myself on a ticket to see Thurston Moores new band here in Brooklyn. It was sold out, so I manage to ruined myself gooood. Well well, it will be water and bread for me, as we say in Sweden. . At least  I'm not going to gain weight as many do when they're coming over here. I walk and take pictures all day long instead. I am looking at this city through my viewfinder like it was the last thing I was going see, and it ain't. It's tiering and a lot of fun. Thinking of ain't and The Aints, Ed Kuepper from the marvelous band The Saints, released a couple of albums as The Aints. I still have one, and parts of it is really good. Does this lead anywhere? Well no not really, here is todays treat from yesterday from me to you!, Four wonderful acts playing at The R-bar in Bowery. None of the band sounded the same, that was very rewarding and cool to hear!                                                                                                    And Hilly Kristal soul was watching.

Party Lights


Izzy Zay & the inmates

Wise girl