Getting a haircut

Getting a haircut was always tough. Wearing hats and beanies was hard too as a kid. Nowadays I have no hair and I love my hats caps and beanies. My youngest son don,t mind getting his hair cut, I don't know way. This time he didn't want it to short. He always liked a crewcut (fashionly styla) in time for the summer. Not this time. He looks beautiful in his black "I don't care" long hair. Maybe he will refuse to cut his hair next year.

In šaʾ Allāh

As a punk and later as a post punk I cut my own hair. I really don't know how I did it, it must have looked...different, and I suppose that was what I was looking for besides being cheap. Sometimes I had girlfriends helping me with the back.

These photos of  Lukas getting a haircut miss something rather important.  

There is no before and after pictures.